S02E13 The Defiant Arkona

April 14, 2022 Season 2 Episode 13
S02E13 The Defiant Arkona
Show Notes

Imagine divine, steep and white cliffs standing defiantly over majestic waves. Its tops are made of rich green carpet and low vegetation is the only thing that has managed to resist strong gusts of wind for years. In the middle, like a magical fortress, stands a wooden temple surrounded by palisades. 

The walls of the temple were decorated with paintings and there was only one entrance. There were two rooms in the building, one of which consisted of several pillars and beautiful curtains, contained the temple's most revered idol - Svetovid and his full combat equipment: the sword, as well as the bridle and saddle of his horse, which was kept here in the temple.

This was Jaromarsburg famously know as Arkona – the majestic Slavic temple that stood defiantly against Christians, just as the cliffs it was built on stood over waves.

Hosted by Karmen

Music: Fantasy Ambience Music by Alexander Nakarada (
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