S01E08 House Guests

November 30, 2021 Mythoslavic Season 1 Episode 8
S01E08 House Guests
Show Notes

A house is not just a building. It`s a home, a sanctuary, and our ancestors treated it like their private castle. Sometimes, they treated it like a person too, claiming it has a soul and a heart thus tending to its needs, keeping it tidy, warm and neat. Also, in the Slavic regions it is said that every new house demands a victim in compensation for the trees that were cut down to build it so we can say the ancient Slavs took their homes very seriously.

Every element of this building possessed magical and even religious meanings. The walls and the roof held great importance giving shelter from the winds, rain and the sun while the windows were there to ensure the connection to the outside world, putting a somewhat invisible barrier between the people and the evil that lurked outside.

But sometimes, apart from the people that lived in it, amazing creatures lurked inside the house too, making the entire household their servants.

Introductary story
"Croatian tales from long ago" by Ivana Brlic Mazuranic. Snipper from "Stribor's Forest".

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-A Study of Household Spirits of Eastern Europe , Ronesa Aveela, 2018
-The Tradition of Household Spirits, Claude Lecouteux

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