S01E09 Slavic Pantheon

December 07, 2021 Mythoslavic Season 1 Episode 9
S01E09 Slavic Pantheon
Show Notes

When we talk about the faith and beliefs of the ancient Slavs, there is much to say and in fact so little. Although we are a people with a rich tradition, history and customs, little or none of this was preserved from ancient times before the Christianization of these areas. Even if it was written, we can pretty much be sure that Christianity has gone out of its way to destroy all records about these “pagans” and their gods, making their god the ultimate and the only one.

Why did I say there was a lot of everything said about it, and actually so little? Well, today more than ever we are encountering notions of Slavic mythology and faith everywhere around us. With the availability of the Internet and access to informations, it is very easy for everyone to become theorists, historians and excellent connoisseurs of the profession. Slavic mythology has gone mainstream, and not in a good way.

Due to monetization and a greater need for fast earnings, the Slavic world has been flooded with books, texts and tv content getting closer but so far away from to the ancient Slavs and their beliefs, while in essence, there is so little authentic material that we can be sure of to prove it.

With all this in mind, we must be aware that of course, the truth remains hidden to us forever but we can at least try to get closer to our past, the cults of worshiping of old gods and beings, customs and beliefs, reviving and honoring our ancestors and what is in our blood – Rodnovery.

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-Slovenska mitologija, Spasoje Vasiljev
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